The Board of Directors of the Surdna Foundation launched the Andrus Family Philanthropy Program (AFPP) in January, 2000 to engage and involve its larger family, in particular its younger generations, in philanthropy and public service . Led by executive director, Steven Kelban, the program includes the Andrus Family Fund which was established to provide opportunities for younger family members to learn about and participate in organized philanthropy.
The Surdna Board developed this approach recognizing that the field and practice of family philanthropy, while poised to achieve unprecedented impact and scale, is undergoing tremendous change. The AFPP is an emerging alliance of programs within the Andrus family, designed to become the center of efforts to further inform, encourage and coordinate the family’s philanthropic work. This will be accomplished by:

  • strengthening the existing family philanthropies (Surdna Foundation, Julia Dyckman Andrus Memorial, Andrus on Hudson and Helen Benedict Foundation);
  • creating new vehicles for the family’s philanthropy, including the Andrus Family Fund;
  • linking existing and emerging philanthropic entities to make use of joint learning opportunities;
  • establishing opportunities for education, service and communication around philanthropy for the larger family;
  • and being receptive to new, creative ways to encourage and develop family philanthropy.

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