Julia Dyckman Andrus Memorial

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The Julia Dyckman Andrus Memorial – also known as the Andrus Children’s Center – is a private non-profit community agency offering prevention, assessment, educational, treatment and research programs that help children and families achieve healthy, stable lives.
Originally founded in 1928 by John E. Andrus in memory of his wife, Julia, as an orphanage for needy youngsters, Andrus now provides a broad network of supports to vulnerable children and families of all backgrounds and means. Andrus serves more than 140 seriously emotionally disturbed children, grades K-9, in three treatment programs and a Blue Ribbon school on its lovely, 110-acre campus overlooking the Hudson River. In community-based initiatives across Yonkers and Mt. Vernon, we partner with local agencies, government organizations and families to address the needs of hundreds of children, from birth through grade school. Our mental health programs help to provide counseling to young children with mental health needs in three locations throughout Westchester County.
The Julia Dyckman Andrus Memorial has evolved into a premiere, nationally recognized treatment, education and research facility – but it remains, at heart, a family-centered organization. For more information, please visit us at: http://www.andruschildren.org
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