A message from Betsy Biddle, Executive Director

Betsy Biddle, Executive DirectorDear Friends:

In our current environment of changing healthcare, Andrus on Hudson is still dedicated to John E. Andrus’ desire to provide “rest to the aged.” As Medicare and Medicaid programs are cut it becomes more challenging to provide services for our elderly residents. As a result, we look toward fund raising and other business opportunities to generate extra revenue to fill the gap.

After several years of being in flux, 2012 was the year where we began moving forward with a refined mission and renewed purpose. Changing needs of seniors and new healthcare policies have led us to develop a new strategic plan. While maintaining fiscal responsibility we’ve continued to maintain and increase activities, recreation and care for our seniors. We completed necessary exterior repairs and renovations such as pointing the bricks, replacing the roof, repairing the rails and terraces, and installing new windows in the solarium. Inside our building we replaced the elevators and installed a video surveillance system which allows visitors and staff to use the newly monitored main stairwell. For our residents’ comfort and enjoyment we refurbished the auditorium, library and lounge area and upgraded our HVAC system. We also created a dedicated wing just for our short-term rehabilitation program. In compliance with federal regulations we began installing a sprinkler system in our entire building that will be completed by August, 2013.

As we move forward we look for new opportunities by seeking information from the surrounding River towns community on how we can better serve them as the population ages. Andrus on Hudson invites the community in as a way of sharing. Our residents also benefit by feeling like part of the surrounding neighborhood. For example, in 2012 we hosted outside groups in music and arts programs such as: Babies and Grands, an interactive music program for babies and seniors, 2 choral groups, the Ground Glass Photography organization, and Matters of the Heart which is a group of senior artists who display their paintings at Andrus.

After the area lost power due to Hurricane Sandy we were happy to be able to provide shelter to 14 local residents ranging in age from 60 to 102 years. Our emergency generator allowed us to help our neighbors while keeping our own residents safe and comfortable. The generator also furnished continuous emergency communications for local emergency responders whose radio antennae are located on our roof, the highest point in Hastings.

We’re also proud to be a good neighbor by providing a voting place to the Board of Elections, hosting bingo for the Hastings PBA and Recreation Department, holding an annual luncheon for the senior services group, Livable Communities and allowing the Hastings Volunteer Fire Department to carry on training exercises on our property.

We’re prepared to meet new challenges as we move into our 60th year of being a senior care community in which people can age with grace, companionship, and peace of mind in a stimulating and secure environment. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please do not hesitate to call me at 914-478-3700, ext. 606.


Betsy Biddle
Executive Director

Betsy’s  Letter