The latch also features a positive stop so it never contacts the blade. Kershaw Lucha This is one sexy looking blade and the quality is exceptional throughout. ;), Overall Quality, Blade Material, Blade Sharpness, None, Pocket Clip, Lock Type, Weight, Handle Material, Handle Feel, Sheath, Lock Ease of Use, almost everything about this balisong is perfect thou i would change some design details but that’s just be otherwise would be 5 stars if the weight didn’t make some tricks difficult to build momentum for, Blade Material, Handle Feel, Handle Material, Overall Quality, Weight, Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness. And 2 allowing flytanium to have a similar after market handle desighn similar to the steel ones on here. Even the latch is rounded so it never catches as you flip. The bladeste is tough but you need to maintain the edge for edc use. The blade comes razor sharp with a wicket point. If I had to gripe about something, I would have found some sort of sheath or pouch nice. Kershaw 1776 OLSW Link CPM20CV. It’s a big knife admittedly, and it’s one of those knives that is incredibly well built, but it’s not necessarily a practical choice. Even the latch is rounded so it never catches as you flip. Scary Sharp, beautiful and well sized blade! Feel free to post pictures of your collection, videos of you flipping, and any thoughts or opinions you have. The ss handles are heavy like everyone else has said, and I HATED the sound it made flipping with the latch still attached. I purchased this item with the intent of learning to flip for amusement and entertainment. Subscribe Today: Exclusive Specials, Free Stuff with Every Order, Early Access to New Items! The latch also features a positive stop so it never contacts the blade. Besides being awesome? Stainless means we excellent protection from corrosion, and the knife needs it. Kershaw Knives: Lucha - All Steel Butterfly Knife - 5150. The latch can lock it into place as well. Even so, this knife is a … The clip point and good belly give it a good bit of versatility to allow the knife to fulfill your everyday EDC tasks. Kershaw you have a winner in this 5150 Lucha. For $120 Dollars, it flips better than a few other bali's I own that cost twice as much. I like the size and weight especially since i have bigger hands. I have noticed that people are complaining about the weight of the knife, but personally I love the weight and the bearing action because it carries so much momentum with relative ease. At the same time, the blade is ultra-sharp, incredibly robust, and designed to be used. It’s easy to flip open and closes quickly, which is pertinent to my needs, and I’m sure one could flip this to their heart’s content. Balisongs have a reputation as a weapon, and the Lucha proudly takes that name. In fact, the only "con" is that it's also heavier than my practice flipper by about an ounce, and that extra weight took a bit of getting used to. Worth every cent and more in my opinion. It’s a lot of knife for those tasks, but it will get you there. Because of this, I find the criticism about the weight easy to dismiss. The only down side is weight but still 5 star! The grips will tire your hand if you use the knife outside of its intent. The Balisong handle isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. For instance, the blade tapers so that the top has more weight to pendulum around smoothly. The Lucha features dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for extra-easy operation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A must have if ur into collecting or just love balisongs. Best Tactical Knives The lockup is also friction, and the blade stays in place by holding the handles together. Whether you're a novice or experienced butterfly flipper, you'll fall in love with the Kershaw Lucha. With a little practice, you’ll be able to flip it open quickly and with a single hand. Large, solid, quality build and steel as well. This has allowed me to slice and dice through meat, and that seems to be the role of the Lucha. Kershaw Lucha. With all my practice from cheap pot metal Chinese knives, it’s a natural motion for me. Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Ease of Opening, Overall Quality. But theyre just the right size that if my finger is pressed up against the back of the blade as the handles swings together, and if i dont stop the other handle before it gets within about 45 degrees of closed, it pinches the fu** out of me. But it disappears in your pocket! This kershaw lucha is great. The Kershaw Lucha is an easy-to-hold and easy-to-fight-with-knife. SOLD OUT. All in all 4 out of 5 for me. New and experienced flippers love the original Kershaw Lucha. Any bali feels good doing Just simple openings and closing. I think the weight between a 62 6.9 and and a 5.0-5.2 is a nice weight 5.9 oz. Anyways, Kershaw knives’ Kershaw Lucha is the knife under discussion cum review for today. Fortunately, Flytanium has titanium handles for this blade that will shave off 1.3 ounces and take this knife to a level comparable to flippers costing much much more. The bearings are awsome, sturdy as hell. Price: $114.95. This post contains affiliate links. Beware! It’s bad enough that I have to set it down and away from me to type this out. Just a hair too heavy. This Filipino design has a Spanish name but is made in the USA. I sliced and diced a pound of steak, a pound of chicken, some onions, and a bell pepper to make some fantastic fajitas. And more videos or reviews from reputable people. Kershaw takes the popular Link to a higher level with CPM 20CV blade steel and a new machined and anodized aluminum handle. There is no round palm smells or G10 grips. Ostrze Sandvik 14C28N, Blade style Unfortunately Bradley is ceasing disrtribution of Balisongs and the Kimuras are disappearing rapidly. Yes, it hurts. They are honestly my version of a fidget spinner, and if it’s in my hands, I’m probably flipping it around. Best Survival Knives The balisong, called the Lucha, has a blade of 14C28N — which was originally a Kershaw-exclusive steel produced by Sandvik — and bearings for smooth flipping. I would recommend this knife to anyone at the sale price all day. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. The Lucha enters stealth mode with an all-new, BlackWash finish. The large size and blade design could even make it a half-decent game skinning knife. This will balance the handles and leave the bite handle slightly lighter allowing easier movement wich is kinda cool. Required fields are marked *. Best High Value Knives. It’s tall but skinny. He flips well, a bit heavy but the feeling is really nice. I've flipped with a Benchmade 42 Ti/154cm for the last 6 years, lost interest in 2019, sold it for a guitar, learned guitar, then re-bought a butterfly. Its got good size wich is dope cuz i have bigger hands. It’s a cutter, a deep slasher, and relentless in its ability to cut through meat. I hope they do more runs of these, a Tanto versiom would be awesome. Its a solid flipper with kvt ball bearings, great tolerances and a beautiful wicked looking blade. The rounded handle bevels do make the task a little easier and ensure you can spin the blade into action when needed. 5201 Lad Land Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 - 800.338.6799 (Phone Orders Welcome), Kershaw 5150 Lucha Balisong Butterfly Knife 4.6" Stonewashed Sandvik 14C28N Clip Point Blade, Stonewashed Stainless Steel Handles, Blade Material, Overall Quality, Handle Feel, Weight, Handle Material, Blade Sharpness, Lock Type, Blade Material, Handle Feel, Handle Material, Overall Quality, Weight, Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness, Ive never used a 300 dollar balisong but i imagine its like this. $79.00. Its a small thing but its been the worst part of the knife for me so ill bring it up. $189.99 $118.95. Close. It’s a gosh darn melting pot of a knife. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. The handles are square-like but have rounded edges that allow the knives to smoothly flip in hand for both opening and doing all sorts of fun tricks. Balis … And hes not doing no advanced tricks which I would like to see. Kershaw Lucha is a newly added balisong/butterfly knife in a stainless steel handle. Kershaw 7350OLBLK Launch 10 ” The Claw ” **IN STOCK** Price: $79.95. With us all staying at home and doing a little less adventuring, I have been focused a lot on cooking tasty meals. The latch also features a positive stop so it never contacts the blade. The blade’s deployment is entirely dependent on how you can handle a balisong. $219.99 $136.95. BUY THIS ONE. Editor: I recommend purchasing the Kershaw Lucha at BladeHQ or GP Knives. This variant is route to dealers! Due to the design of balisongs, the cutting edge is a bit shorter at 4.375 inches. An absolute bargain at this price. It is long and dense. Wipe away debris and, if needed, wash with a mild detergent. The Lucha features dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for extra-easy operation. The trick with Balisongs is having a handle thats smooth enough to flip but is textured enough to provide a good grip with. It gets super sharp and sharpens up nice and smooth. Reminds me of my misplaced kimura. Filed Under: Folding Knives, Kershaw Tagged With: 14c28n, Balisong, Made in the USA, Your email address will not be published. The bearing pivots are super smooth and flip really well. A bit of lube on the bearing pivots and the lock, and you're in ninja mode. They are guided by the KVT ball-bearing pivots, and you can feel the quality with every deployment. This is a great knife. Silky Pocketboy Saw Review. Kershaw 1660RDBLK Red/Black Leek Liner Lock **Blems** Price: $39.95. Hey, these are knives, too, and not just risky toys. It’s a Balisong or more easy and common word, butterfly knife. The Lucha features dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for extra-easy operation. It is almost perfect!!! The overall quality is excellent. Blade Material, Overall Quality, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Blade Sharpness, Handle Material, None. Titanium Scales for Spyderco Smock - Stonewash. It’s pretty simple and minimalist. Add to cart. Its a good knife for the money good flipper. Highly recommend for the money. My only complaint is the weight. Flips smooth and nice. Nothing uneven, loose and is sharp to the point of razor. Made with 14C28N stainless steel it has a clip point blade with a closed length … I cut through tomatoes and oranges, and the blade never stuck. The handle has a rounded bevel so it rolls effortlessly in the hand. great balisong. The Lucha features dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for extra-easy operation. The blade fits the knive perfect. Even the latch is rounded so it never catches as you flip. The blade is made from stainless steel from Sandvik, known as 14C28N. As far as butterfly knives go, the Lucha is a fantastic example of what a real butterfly knife should be. OHHH YEEEAAAAAAH! Kershaw Lucha Review – Final Thoughts I’m a fan of this knife, and as someone who desired a real Butterfly knife for years, I’m glad to finally have one. They all have Butterfly knives in them. Handle Material, Overall Quality, Handle Feel, Weight, Blade Sharpness, Ease of Opening, None. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Less work i had to do. One of the handle was not as swingy as the other. the length of the blade, its profile, and the overall construction quality of the knife make a real winner in the EDC department, hasn't let me down, has no play whatsoever, and is razor sharp right out of the box. Trust me, as a kid who cut himself a lot get the trainer. More about Kershaw Lucha. The ones that are cureently available mimic the benchmade desighn and it just doesnf fit the knife. I bought the Silky Pocketboy because I was looking for a small compact saw to take with me on suburban bicycle rides. But if you want a cutting-edge tool that’s both practical and reliable (and pretty) this is a great choice. Per my understanding the Bradley Kimura Balisongs were made for Bradley by Kershaw. © 1995-2020 by Howard Korn and KnifeCenter Inc. All rights reserved. I dint mind the wieght i actually like heavy balisongs. If you’re in the clear, check out and pick up the Lucha at the link below. The steel itself was exclusive to Kershaw for a few years, and they seem to be producing amazing knives with it. Just maintain it properly and its great. This knife is a great value and with flytanium handles coming soon it could be a real contender for the much higher priced balisongs. I think the design is really beautiful, a balanced mix of futuristic, raw, and minimalist designs. 4.5 stars because of the lower quality steel in the blade and the lightening cutouts, but I'm whining. Vrhunska usluga i besplatna isporuka! It’s a hefty guy at 5.9 ounces as well. The Kershaw Lucha is a high-quality butterfly knife that’s made in the USA. The handle has a rounded bevel so it rolls effortlessly in the hand. Due to the high-carbon content of the quality steel in our blades, the blade may corrode if not properly cared for. Overall Quality, Blade Sharpness, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Handle Material, Lock Type. Personally, I would like a little more weight, never-the-less this knife is superb. This is a big knife. The only two parts of the whole experience that werent perfectly seamless was the latch and this pinch point at the back. The bearings are super smooth. Handle Material, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Overall Quality, Handle Material, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, None. Those ball bearings also ensure the lockup is nice and tight. I carry balisongs for flipping and edc. Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness, Handle Feel, Overall Quality. $89.00. By using our website you consent to our Cookie Policy. I was immediately impressed with the look and feel of the Kershaw Lucha. Just be sure to check your local knife laws, because unfortunately, butterfly knives aren’t friendly in all locales. The latch was easy to take off though, and flytanium offers titanium handle scales if you really wanna upgrade them. This made-in-USA butterfly knife has the quality and balance required to feel and perform like a butterfly knife should. Good movement, i love the weight a little heavy. This has been my first "considerably" priced balisong purchase, and so far I am not regretting anything. ... Kershaw Tagged With: 14c28n, Balisong, Made in the USA. The only down side is the weight. The handle has a rounded bevel so it rolls effortlessly in the hand. I took the latch off as I dont like latches but the design on the latch is really cool machine work. Thank you very much. With the latch, the blade doesn’t move even a bit, not a hair’s worth of movement. The absolutely massive handle also offers plenty of room for you to grasp and grab the handle in any way you see fit. At this price point I dont think anything can beat it, Handle Material, Blade Material, Handle Feel, Weight, Overall Quality, Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness. In fact, the only "con" is that it's also heavier than my practice flipper by about an ounce, and that extra weight took a bit of getting used to. They did not disappoint with the Lucha. The Punisher, The Outsiders, Blood In Blood Out, Face/Off, Red Dawn (’84 version of course), and of course, Big Trouble in Little China were all some of my favorite flicks growing up. Titanium Ball Cage Lock for Spyderco Manix 2 Knife. The blade is an impressive piece of steel. From: BladeHQ. Seeing a tanto version of this in maybe a 154cm. I can tell you this is the most pleasant butterfly I've ever flipped. If you love balis and want a hefty EDC this is the knife for you! The latch is great but if you are primarilly flipping youll want to take off the latch and latchpins. The blade is extremely sharp. The handles glide through maneuvers fast and balanced. the lucha is.and the shot show said they had ask people for feedback about what they want. Kershaw Lucha - 5150 quantity. The latch does lock up the knife rather well and remains very tight. The latch is a bit underwhelming and beat the handles up with mild flipping. Choose Options. We recommend Kershaw Knife Oil. The Kershaw Lucha is a unique and capable everyday carry with a storied history and plenty of potential for fun. KNIFECENTER CYBER WEEK EVENT | OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! The back part of the blade behind where it hinges has little notches in it. by Dan Jackson 5 Comments. This is a community for balisong flippers, collectors, and anyone who is interested in the art/sport of butterfly knives. The weight is a bit too much to call it a good flipper but it will be my knew EDC because of the solid construction and long blade. Sale. (For flipping this is good as it dulls quicker) the blade also will corrode so a nice coat of oil every now and then is also needed. The handles feel nice in your hand because they are rounded and smooth. I grew up with a fascination for butterfly knives, or Balisongs if you’re fancy. That being said the as is steel handles are great. Excellent knife but heavy, the ball bearings Make a this knife spin....spin realy fast and carry the weight with perfect balance. The Kershaw Lucha’s split handle is made from stainless steel and is a sandwich-style construction versus a liner lock style. Zero Tolerance ZT0308 20CV **New for 2020**IN STOCK** Price: $300.00. I cant speak for other knives but this one is a very very solid choice in the ~100 dollar price range, Overall Quality, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Blade Material, None. Sign up for our newsletter. Don't need another but I'll get it. Great blade, great handles, great pivots, great design! Add to Wish List ... Close Add Review. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page. I figured worst case scenario, it ends up in my collection being the first Bali from Kershaw. This tight lockup occurs with both the latch and a friction-filled hold. They give both weight reduction for easy flipping and texture for your hand to grip. Titanium Handles for Kershaw Lucha Knife - Stonewash. $39.00. Lock Type, Handle Material, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Overall Quality. Not crazy heavy. I prefer no latch and IMO it feels much better without it. Kershaw says, “the blade tapers so that the top has more weight to pendulum around smoothly.” The opening action is enhanced by dual KVT ball-bearing pivots mounted in the stainless steel handles. The bladesteel is one that requires a bit more upkeep for edc. Handle Material, Ease of Opening, Overall Quality. I have been flipping this nonstop since I've gotten it. Love the look, the 2 improvements i think would be great to see are 1. Razor sharp. Kershaw Lucha is a premium quality butterfly knife and with Kershaw knives’ KVT technology in it provides smooth deployment you can imagine and again KVT ball bearings in it gives a user best flipping time without a doubt. Even the latch is rounded so it never catches as you flip. Kershaw Lucha – From $119.95 They should've just slightly round off the shoulders, not cut 45 degree bevel. I can't tell you what machining actually takes place, but it is without a doubt the best balanced butterfly knife I've ever used. It flips and spins into place, and a skilled practitioner can put on quite the show with a Butterfly knife. The Lucha delivers in all the cool ways a butterfly knife is supposed to. The Lucha features dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for extra-easy operation. Even so, this knife is a great instrument and a great value for the price. It is a super solid bali, I give 5 stars for it . by Travis Pike Leave a Comment. Oštrica Sandvik 14C28N, Blade style Clip point, Blade it is solid and rattle free. Now, it’s available in BlackWash, giving this butterfly knife a well-worn look. Sign Up to the KnifeCenter Newsletter for exclusive offers! The Kershaw Lucha features a 4.6″ 14C28N Sandvik steel clip point blade with a stonewashed finish. Much better than BM . The best knife i own thats under 300$. SOLD OUT. It would be great to see evwn maybe a kershaw/flytainium collab to desighn some more asthetically fitting after market handles. Thats my only serious complaint though and its very minor, overall im extremely satisfied. This knife should be in that upper level range.

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