The subfloors of many older manufactured homes tend to be made of dense particle board. In most cases 4-by-8-foot sheets of particle board or plywood must be installed in preparation for the vinyl floor install. We are looking to replace our carpeting with a 3/4" solid hardwood but the floor under the carpet consists of 3/4 particle board over 3/8" plywood. ... Measure the room for the particle board subfloor. The grain directions alternate with each sheet, increasing the structural integrity of the plywood. A common question prior to new floor installation is which type of subfloor to use. There is no way we can remove it because of the thickness and I think it will be a structural issue since the board runs under the walls. Post #5478500. 41 East Street Lidcombe NSW 2141 AustraliaPrivacy Policy | Terms & Conditions. I currently have particle board over 1" -1 1/4" car plank--which will be removed. Our current directors and owners Mark and Steve Mitchell maintain the tradition of providing expert services and advice on all things plywood. Even if you use a waterproof underlayment membrane, the floor will still be either 1/4″ or 1/2” higher than the subfloor, plus the thickness of the tile and adhesive. Generally, most people would probably conclude that if you pit plywood vs particleboard, the former would win. Don't mop the floor, as it can absorb the water and damage the particleboard. Duck Dog Paint Particle Board Plywood Duck Dog Paint Particle … Given that the new floor will be resting on the existing particle board, what thickness do I need and should I go with plywood or OSB? She earned a BA in communications from Jacksonville State University. Strictly speaking, plywood is environmentally friendly. However, even in the best of circumstances, particle board is very susceptible to moisture damage. With its smoother surface, particleboard allows decorative laminates and other finish material to make the finished product look more stunning. Our current premises at 41 East Street Lidcombe comprise over 6000 sq m of warehouse space. A stain could be added if desired. That’s because particle boards are created using scraps of other lumber products. In addition to this, tile can not properly adhere to wood the way it does to concrete. Particle board over plywood would work if you screwed into the plywood. Should be shot. You’re pretty much left up shit’s creek with no good options. Plan now is to replace the particle board with plywood underlayment. In particleboard, this movement can be more than eight times that of concrete. FA Mitchell & Co Pty Ltd is a family owned company started by Mr Frank Alan Mitchell during the great depression in 1933. Should the subfloor be removed and replaced with plywood subfloor instead? CD Exposure 1 plywood and OSB Exposure 1 subfloor panels are appropriate subfloor materials (grade stamped US PS1-95). Susan asked: Is there any way to clean particle board flooring once the carpet is pulled up? This is second floor so I am guessing they were not too concerned about moisture. #7 02-21-16, 12:20 PM czizzi. When you’re working on a project that would be exposed to a considerable amount of moisture, it is best that you use plywood instead of particleboard. People often confuse OSB with particle board. When using a cement backer board, you can go with whether a ½ inch thickness or a ¼ inch thickness. We have three dogs inside the house. Lastly, are dichromate (yellow zinc-ish) screws appropriate for … What is worse is that your entire house is probably loaded with the stuff, including the structural "I" beams they use for joists (and laminated studs too) now (unless your house is on a slab). A plywood subfloor generally uses 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch-thick sheets of plywood that have one rough side (which faces down) and one smooth side, which faces up. The sheets are generally 4 x 8 or 4 x 12 feet in size. Beneath the floors are subfloors, underlayment, and joists that many hardly ever know of. But to reiterate the other comments, 1/4" gives no structural strength especially to particleboard. This can lead to severe warping and deterioration of the particleboard panel if exposed to even small amounts of water. It may look spotty, even with a primer on first. A plywood subfloor generally uses 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch-thick sheets of plywood that have one rough side (which faces down) and one smooth side, which faces up. That, however, doesn’t mean we all should turn up our noses towards particle boards. The weight also matters when you’re making a wall cabinet or some furniture with wheels. Just get the particle board out of there. • Posted by 1 day ago. As a result, the grout lines and the tiles themselves can crack and become damaged. Installing Plywood Over Particle Board Subfloor Black Apron 18. Under that we found 15/32'' plywood subfloor (not tongue-and-groove) over joists and we are trying to determine the best way to proceed from here. Most contractors will use 1/4" to 3/8" plywood as an an extra layer, or underlayment, over particle board before installing carpet. A subfloor is the foundation flooring in a building. Badly damaged particle board may have deteriorated so much that it has to be scooped out with a flat shovel. However, if you anticipate moisture on the carpet, such as from pet potty accidents or children spilling drinks, the particleboard under the carpet could be ruined. Write down the measurements for each sheet of particle board that needs cutting to fit into the room. Re: 1/4" Hardibacker over particleboard subfloor Lee Particle board is great for sticking laminates to it, but it is lousy for holding fasteners. Particle board is light enough to be used in construction without large-scale projects becoming overly heavy. The Proper Underlayment for a Laminate Countertop. Plywood and particleboard are both engineered building materials. In one sentence – particle board is often used as a subfloor for carpets, OSB is used as a primary subfloor for any flooring, including hardwood. Ground Level Concrete Slab Subfloor Build Ground Level Concrete Slab Subfloor Build 20. Plywood underlayment is typically needed when a floor material must have a very smooth, flat surface. Subfloor options: OSB vs Particle board. It's bad news. Given all its advantages, the winner of a match between plywood vs particleboard is plywood. I suggest a polyurathane to protect it! Which is better? Can I nail 1/2″ engineered wood over this? A "disclaimer" might or might not protect you from liability. Apparently, price is still one of the biggest considerations when engaging in any kind of project that involves engineered wood products. Don't add screws too close to the edge of a piece of particleboard, as it may cause the board to crack. DIY How to Make Plywood Subfloor Look Like Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring. That is where the 3/4" T&G came in. I am going to use vinyl plank flooring over my floor. The cheaper particle board sub-floor that is so notorious in manufactured housing is not a good foundation for tile. if you are laying tile you need to consider upgrading the subfloor to plywood that doesn’t soak up water so quickly. If you’re installing our designflooring on either a new or old concrete subfloor, as mentioned, it’s essential to conduct a moisture test to ensure the levels are no higher than 75%RH. “Ok…” I thought, “well wood is wood. Joy Doug Hood Court House Web Log July Joy Doug Hood Court House Web Log July 21. They did use a good sealer before laying the floor. It depends on how high you want to raise your floor. When we renovate homes that were built with particleboard decking, I prefer replacing only the damaged and "soft spots" in the floor decking with new plywood. Yes you can use plywood squares over a good subfloor. 1300 SF job, and I don’t want issues. Considering that plywood possesses a cross-grain pattern from which it derives much of its strength, plywood is clearly stronger and more durable than particleboard. Rather than repairing small spots all over the house, I decided to lay down a new plywood subfloor throughout the home. Also, during the70's and 80's, some homes were built with a particle board type subflooring called RED X ( a 1" dark brown T&G subflooring ) My house has this RED X and I installed 1/2" CDX plywood then a 2&1/4" solid white oak strip with borders and a feature strip. Replacing Entire Subfloor With new 5/8″ Plywood. Nails won't grip the particle board, but screws do a better job. We have 1" (it is really that tick I measured it ) particle board subfloor with nothing underneath but the isolation. If it was mine, I … Particleboard is more susceptible to water damage than plywood. If you have both 0.75″ hardwood and 0.5″ particle board before you hit plywood, you have nothing left of the nail to dig into the plywood. Plywood sheets are also so much lighter than particle boards. Use wood screws long enough to reach through the plywood and particleboard into the joists below -- look for the nails or screws in the particleboard to determine the location of joists. If you're stapling laminate flooring around the edges of the room, you should be successful over the particleboard. Plywood vs Particleboard : Which Is Better? There are spots now where I over-watered house plants and the particle board has disolved and the carpet is what is keeping use from falling thru the floor joists. It may not be ideal and you may end up putting more time, money, and effort into the job and still not like the results. BC plywood over the old subfloor, using construction adhesive and driving 1-1/4-in. Carpet is usually successfully installed to particleboard as well. In speaking with a wood flooring company that wanted to work with us, they helped us determine that our subfloor is made of 5/8 particle board, on top of 5/8 plywood. A long lasting solid hardwood floor is heavily influenced by the quality of the sub-floor.When it comes to types of sub-floors there is a wide range but we will focus on the two most often used in modern buildings. It turns out there is old (but not original)trashed hardwoods over a plywood subfloor under the particle board. Because you can install sheet vinyl over existing vinyl, it offers the option of changing design without breaking the bank. Most people use nails or hardwood staples to attach hardwood flooring to the subfloor, but this is only an option if the subfloor is made of plywood. Member. Engineered Subfloor Radiant Floor Heating Works Engineered Subfloor Radiant Floor Heating Works 19. If your home has particleboard subfloors instead of plywood subfloors, you may want the added durability plywood has to offer. It just needs something in between. You may have both in your home or commercial space. The particle board does not run under the walls. Particle board crumbles when it gets wet. With the plywood in place, install the backer board as you normally would. Chipboard or plywood? Particle boards or chipboards must not be used as the subfloor. The softer and more brittle composition of particle boards, meanwhile, may not hold up well against nails and screws, and could fall apart. We will assist you to find the best and most cost-effective material for your building construction or commercial project. If you are looking to put plywood over a particleboard subfloor, there are a few different types of plywood that you can use for your subfloor. After installing over 10,000 new roofs and specializing in re-decks, I would never again install standard 1/2" CDX plywood, over standard 7/16" OSB. Hi all: I am renovating a room over a garage. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Is this correct? Plywood is the best idea if laying hardwood or tile. Engineered wood also can be used on-, above- or below-grade. Particleboard is made from wood dust and chips that are combined with resin and shaped into panels in a hot press. A final word of advice – always think long-term – what is the required lifetime of your project? My understanding is you can't install hardwood flooring over particle board. In one sentence – particle board is often used as a subfloor for carpets, OSB is used as a primary subfloor for any flooring, including hardwood. Just get the particle board out of there. While plywood is generally stronger, the surfaces of particleboard are usually smoother. No one seems to have the answer. This home was a 1980 model and had a subfloor made of particle board. Overlaying already compromised particle board decking is a mistake, because once particle board absorbs moisture the decking will continue to decompose until the wet portion is cut out. After they installed the new 3/4″particle board, without any other subflooring or vinyl planking that is to go over the particle board, the fridge no longer slides under the cabinet! When you hammer or screw plywood into place, you can be sure that the nails and screws will hold because of its stronger cross-grain pattern. Plywood vs. OSB (Oriented Strand Board): Major Differences . After getting the carpet out we found what looks like particle board underlayment (1/2 inch or 5/8 inch) over plank subfloor. I plan to patch any holes and then overlay the particle board throughout the entire trailer with either plywood or OSB. Also how far apart should my screws be when installing the plywood. Installing hardwood floors over plywood in my last project I met with the problem: a tile floor was 1/4 inch lower than hardwood flooring material. CD Exposure 1 plywood and OSB Exposure 1 subfloor panels are appropriate subfloor materials (grade stamped US PS1-95). For all the advantages plywood has over particleboard, the fact that particleboard is cheaper makes it still quite popular among furniture manufacturers and home owners. © Copyright 2020 FA Mitchell & Co Pty Ltd. 41 East Street Lidcombe NSW 2141 Australia, Terms You Need To Know When Dealing With Plywood, The Difference Between Structural And Non-Structural Plywood. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. You can easily glue hardwood, tile, or linoleum to the surface. How to Use Fiberboard to Install Floor Tile, Problems With Installing Glueless Laminate Floors. Many pre fab and mobile homes use particle board for subfloors. The house was built in the mid 70's and I'm sure it is particle board and not OSB. Concrete subfloors. Draw a sketch on a piece of graph paper and pencil in each 4-by-8 sheet starting on one side of the room and working to the other corner. Carpet can be installed over particle board. While I prefer using 1/2” cement backer board over a plywood subfloor, you may be able to get by with 1/4” backer board instead. Most people use nails or hardwood staples to attach hardwood flooring to the subfloor, but this is only an option if the subfloor is made of plywood. In most cases 4-by-8-foot sheets of particle board or plywood must be installed in preparation for the vinyl floor install.

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