Two experimental feeding trials were conducted during four weeks to evaluate the use of Ulva lactuca in shrimp culture: (1) for wastewater bioremediation, and (2) using different inclusion levels of U. lactuca meal in shrimp feed. In some cases, the blades have a distinct midrib. They create a gelatinous polycarride that help to retain water. Also, to prevent be… If algae originated from a single strain, environmental evolutions have forced the adaptation into red, brown, yellow and green colour algae which each blend in with their environmental surroundings. A weak _____ is an adaptation of a water lily, allowing it to focus on the expansion of its leaf. To reproduce they release seeds into the water synchronously in reaction to light, temperature, or tides to increase the fertilization rate. Along the northeast coast of the US, there is a toxic phytoplankton species, Alexandrium fundyense, which produces very toxic blooms. Photosynthesis takes place primarily in the blades and it is, therefore, important that the stipe is long enough to place them sufficiently close to the surface of the water … They create a gelatinous polycarride that helps to retain water. However there are several types of plants that live in water such as lichens, sponges, and red/brown/green algae. Aquatic algae demonstrates photosensitive and cosmetic adaptation throughout the ocean. They are eukaryotic organisms and lack any vascular tissue (for the transport of water and other compounds such as sugars) or any organised tissue. Copepods, small crustaceans and the most abundant animals in the world, are main consumers of toxic algae. Mar 18, 2014 - Seaweed Seaweed has had to adapt a lot because it lives under water or very close to water. Heavy wave action; Small, tough stipes and blades; Strong holdfasts; Hydrodynamic shapes; Low surface to volume ratio; Dessication; Low surface to volume ratio; Trap water. Seaweed (or macroalgae) are a diverse group of mostly photosynthetic algae found in marine and freshwater environments. Seaweed does not have roots like terrestrial plants and trees because they do not need to absorb water and nutrition from the soil. In other words, the predators may adapt and would be able to eat lots of toxic prey without being poisoned. To reproduce they release seeds into the water synchronously in reaction to light, temperature,or tides to increase the fertilization rate. Adaptation to Shallows (subtidal to 30 meters) Less wave Action (Seaweed) has had to adapt a lot because it lives under water or very close to water. Seaweed can only live in sea water and it needs enough sunlight reaching them so they can carry on the process of photosynthesis. As they heavily depend on water, it becomes a limiting factor for their survival. Seaweed Adaptations : Adaptation to Intertidal Zone. It is not a quick process! Natural selection over many generations results in helpful traits becoming more common in a population. Environmental Adaptation. Kolkwitz listed 61 diatoms, 42 green algae, 41 pigmented flagellates, 23 blue-green algae, and 5 red algae as organisms of oligosaprobic and /or unpolluted zones and Lackey found 77 species of planktonic algae in the clean water portion of a small stream, 40 of which were absent in the polluted area[15,16]. The term seaweed is loosely used to refer to all marine plants. The _____ of this plant attracts pollinators, such as bees. The seaweed can have one or more blades, and the blades can have different shapes. Seaweed. Like plants on earth use carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce oxygen for human beings to survive, seaweed use carbon dioxide in water and sunlight to produce carbohydrates for the marine life to survive. This occurs because individuals with these traits are better adapted to the environment and therefore more likely to survive and breed. Adaptation is an evolutionary process whereby an organism becomes increasingly well suited to living in a particular habitat.

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