This program is a pre-school for children ages two to five. Their classrooms are housed on the lower level of Andrus on Hudson with class taking place from 9:00 to 3:00 on school days.

Theresa McCaffrey, Founder and Director of Little Leaf, believes children benefit most from free play in nature, a nurturing community, and activities to nourish the spirit. When given the chance to delve into their own meanderings, children naturally imitate the adults in their lives in their play. The teachers attend to the environment and to the children with care and respect. The children come to Little Leaf to discover and experiment and the teachers follow the lead of the child.

The children and the seniors share stories, songs, games, nature and cooking. Seniors and young children actually have much in common and benefit by helping each other out. The sound of children playing and laughing brings life to our nursing home.