Andrus on Hudson hosts many events during the year.  These events are opportunities for members of the local community to educate, entertain and to learn from the residents.  Our annual events include Bingo and Spring Fest.

Andrus offers a variety of spiritual services on a regular basis.  Catholic mass is held daily.  Jewish celebrations are held for holidays.  Other services offered include Episcopal Communion and comparative religion class. The Community Life Department offers a wide range of recreation services and promotes leisure experiences via physical, cognitive, social and spiritual activities.  Community Life events are held daily, 365 days a year.

Daily events include movement and fitness programs, yoga, meditation, adaptive bowling, shuffleboard, arts and crafts, music therapy, piano lessons, strolling minstrel, pet therapy, lectures, outdoor barbecues, afternoon teas, ice cream socials, matinee movies, and happy hours.  Special events include inter-generational programs, theme days, concerts, theater events, garden parties, Casino Day and craft fairs.  Little Leaf Nursery School is housed in our building.  The young children parade throughout the building interacting with our seniors.  We also have weekly Babies & Grands Music classes here.