Andrus On Hudson sits on 26 beautiful acres along the Hudson River in Hastings on Hudson. The grounds at Andrus are diverse and afford residents a peaceful space to spend a lovely afternoon and enjoy a bit of fresh air. Formal gardens of ornamental plantings and manicured lawn segue into transitional areas, where rustic paths lead through groves of deciduous trees and into wilder natural areas where meadows and a pine grove provide shelter for wildlife.

There are 3 walking tours on the grounds at Andrus. They range in difficulty from steep challenging hikes that pass through forests and meadows, to a handicap accessible trail in formal gardens. The Woodland Ramble hike follows stone paths and steps that follow a series of pools and cascades down a slope to a set of Native American totem poles. There is an abundance of quiet places where residents and family may take time for fresh air and exercise.

The property has many mature specimen trees thanks to Helen Benedict, who encouraged the planting of many unusual ornamental flowering trees on the property. There is a herd of deer that lives on the property, and many birds due to the proximity to the river and abundance of trees.

History tells us that on account of its commanding location, the hill that Andrus resides on was known as Signal Hill in Indian and Revolutionary times. Beacon fires flashed signals of war and peace. In the early nineteen hundreds the property was home to the Longue Vue Restaurant, where the elite of New York and Westchester would come to dine in splendor. There was even a nine hole golf course, and peacocks roamed the property. The restaurant was supplied by the nearby Andrus farm, now the Andrus Childrens home.