Technology & Innovation

Andrus on Hudson (AOH) focuses on using technology to develop and implement solutions and approaches for a broad array of organizational needs within operational, strategic and mission-focused domains for the benefit of Andrus on Hudson.  AOH seeks out the best innovations to better serve those we care for and to minimize the impact on those providing the post-hospital care or long-term care.  The use of technology at AOH is not simply for marketing purposes or for the simple novelty, but rather to fuel real changes within the organization that:

  1.  Improve safety for employees and patients/residents

  2.  Improve the workplace quality of life for employees

  3.  Increase efficiency to allow employees to work to their full potential and improve job satisfaction

  4.  Provide more opportunities for social engagement and communication among residents, families and others

  5.  Improve and optimize internal workflow processes

"Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday."  - Steve Jobs


for Safety

Just because something has been done a certain way for a long time doesn't necessarily mean it's "the right way" or "best way"! There are always more solutions - more tools we should explore to improve outcomes in any given area. We are actively exploring robotic exoskeletons for use by clinical and other staff to enhance safety through innovation.

Pictured is Marcelo Lopez, Technology Operations Manager at AOH.

The Magic

AOH is so excited to introduce the Tovertafel to our residents!

The Tovertafel is an award-winning system created for  dementia/cognitive care. In Dutch, Tovertafel translates to ‘’Magic Table‘’. It works by projecting images onto flat surfaces in the form of interactive games, which stimulate movement and social interaction. Our residents are experiencing the magic and having so much fun.


"It is amazing to see how engaged the residents are while playing!"  - AOH employee