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Post-Hospital Care

Andrus on Hudson has long enjoyed a strong tradition of providing short-term rehabilitation and post-hospitalization care to members of our greater community. Patients choose Andrus on Hudson because of our exceptional care, committed and compassionate staff and peaceful atmosphere.

Our expert therapy team is trained in the latest advances in rehabilitative methods and will customize a therapy plan to help you reach your goals. Our pursuit of excellence is powered by innovation. Every solution we devise is underscored by a forward-thinking strategy that seeks to anticipate the needs of tomorrow. We challenge the status quo, embrace new ideas, and constantly look for ways to improve, ensuring that our community benefits from care that is as proactive as it is compassionate.

Our therapists are committed to fostering independence and helping patients regain their strength and functionality after surgery, accidents, or illness with the utmost motivation and support. You’ll enjoy the comfort of your own private room, home-style meals and a picturesque campus. Registered nurses and other healthcare professionals are on duty around the clock to provide support and care. Our dedicated team’s goal is to get you or your loved one back home as soon as possible.

What is New:

Certified Lymphedema & Wound Therapist

Elevate your health and wellness journey with our certified lymphedema and wound therapist, a specialist dedicated to transforming your recovery process. Experience personalized care that targets swelling reduction, wound healing, and improved quality of life, all within a supportive and expertly guided therapeutic environment. Let us help you navigate your path to recovery with cutting-edge treatments and compassionate care tailored just for you. Join us to see how our specialized services can make a significant difference in your health and well-being.


LiteGait provides postural control and weight-bearing assistance for fall-free therapeutic activities.  It permits the clinician to be hands-free when working with patients of all functional levels and diagnoses, to focus on better quality and increased quantity of practice.

The design of the LiteGait lets body weight support to be directed only where needed while facilitating normal weight-bearing where appropriate. The overhead straps provide postural control and support for symmetric upright positioning even for those who cannot support themselves.

LiteGait therapy allows patients to safely engage in progressively challenging functional activities early in the rehabilitation process and throughout treatment. LiteGait therapy benefits individuals with lower extremity pain, lower extremity and trunk weakness, weight-bearing restrictions or amputation, diminished cardiopulmonary function, and poor activity tolerance. LiteGait therapy also benefits higher-functioning individuals to be challenged and progressed in a fall-free environment.

LiteGait can be used for gait over ground or with a treadmill, for balance and standing activities such as therapeutic exercise and ADL, for supported sitting and quadruped positioning, along with cardio and balance equipment and for many other activities. 

Let our expert team get you back on your feet. Contact us at (833) PICKAOH for more information. 

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