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Manhattan skyline view from Andrus on Hudson campus

Our Difference

Discover what sets Andrus on Hudson apart when you need short-term rehab or long-term care:

  • Rated Five Star in Quality Care by the Federal Agency - CMS

  • Guaranteed Private Room

  • Mission-Driven Organization focused on Human Connections and a Family Bond

  • Offer many Specialties not provided in Assisted Living Facilities

  • Tech focused - use of Telemedicine and other Robotics

  • Andrus Family Involvement

  • SAGECare Platinum Credential - LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Training

  • Hospitality Focus

  • Staff Longevity

  • Recognize our Nurses with the Daisy Award

  • Intergenerational Programming on campus  

  • Unmatched Views of the Hudson

Intergenerational program in our library

Intergenerational Programs

Life here is a vibrant mosaic, woven with the threads of intergenerational wisdom and diverse cultural expressions. Our community thrives on the synergy created by shared experiences, where learning from one another is an everyday celebration. We believe that the fusion of ages and cultures is not just beneficial—it's essential, and it's what makes us whole.

Our programming can bridge generations, linking residents and patients with students from various local schools to forge impactful, meaningful relationships. The benefits to older adults include improved health, increased connectedness, less isolation, and enhanced feelings of self-worth with purpose.


The benefits to youth include increased self-esteem, improved behavior, enhanced sense of belonging, appreciation, and a deeper understanding of the rich lives and experiences of older adults. 

Stay Engaged

We offer engaging and interesting social and recreational opportunities for both our patients and residents daily, 365 days a year in our nursing home. The Community Life department promotes individualized leisure experiences.

  • A.rtistic I.nspirations

  • movement & fitness

  • chair yoga

  • meditation

  • adaptive bowling

  • shuffleboard

  • arts and crafts

  • music therapy

  • piano lessons

  • strolling minstrel

  • pet therapy

  • intergenerational programs

  • spiritual services

  • theme days

  • concerts

  • theater events

  • garden parties

  • aromatherapy

  • lectures

  • trivia

  • cooking classes

  • happy hours 

  • casino day

  • craft fairs

  • off-site trips

  • outdoor barbecues

  • afternoon teas

  • ice cream socials

  • matinee movies

  • news and views

  • and there is more...

  • Little Leaf at Andrus on Hudson
    This program is a pre-school for children ages two to five. Their classrooms are housed on the lower level of Andrus on Hudson with class taking place from 9:00 to 3:00 on school days. Theresa McCaffrey, Founder and Director of Little Leaf, believes children benefit most from free play in nature, a nurturing community, and activities to nourish the spirit. When given the chance to delve into their own meanderings, children naturally imitate the adults in their lives in their play. The teachers attend to the environment and to the children with care and respect. The children come to Little Leaf to discover and experiment and the teachers follow the lead of the child. The children and the seniors share stories, songs, games, nature and cooking. Seniors and young children actually have much in common and benefit by helping each other out. The sound of children playing and laughing brings life to our nursing home.
  • Hudson Lab School
    Hudson Lab School is a new, independent K-12 school which opened in September, 2017 in a single mixed-age classroom at Andrus on Hudson, teaching grades K-5. Cate Han, Founder, has begun the school with a mission to instill a love of learning and to teach children how to design and build a life in which they can thrive. Hudson Lab School integrates collaborative, interdisciplinary project based learning and thoughtful self-reflection with the academic fortitude of a classical liberal arts education. Teachers guide and support students as “lead learners” in their investigations rather than the person holding all the answers. Hudson Lab School incorporates intergenerational learning and is working on building an intergenerational library at Andrus on Hudson. The children’s confidence grows as they explain their latest project to our seniors while our seniors are realizing they still have an appreciation for learning.
  • Greenburgh North Castle Vocational Internship
    This program is a high school transition program developed for Greenburgh North Castle UFSD and is targeted for students whose main goal is competitive employment. At the completion of a successful internship the student receives a Career Development and Occupational Skills Credential. Since the onset of the program in October, 2014 the interns have accrued over 10,000 hours at Andrus on Hudson. A student’s typical day includes classroom instruction at Andrus on Hudson and immersion in internship locations and rotations throughout our facility, while simultaneously receiving feedback from instructors and job coaches. The rotations are designed to complement each student’s interests, skills, and strengths. Students participate in a variety of internship areas including Recreation, Housekeeping, Dietary, Business, Beauty Salon, and Maintenance. These students have the advantage of learning new job skills. Our seniors benefit by their assistance and the opportunity to interact with young people in our hair salon, dining room, auditorium and lobby.
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