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DAISY Award Spotlight

My 76-year-old sister has been living at Andrus since August 2020. She has dementia and is steadily declining. This has been very difficult for the family to deal with, however, having Hazel and Sheran on staff has made it easier for us. Any situation that is brought to their attention regarding my sister's care is followed up immediately with consistent open lines of communication. Hazel makes it a point to keep me abreast of any new developments/declining events re: my sister. It is evident that Hazel is genuinely concerned not only for my sister but for other residents with dementia. Hazel is affectionate with my sister and refers to her as "Mama" which is very endearing.

As the Supervising Nurse, Sheran is consistent with her care of the residents and with communicating with me regularly re: my sister. There have been a few incidents regarding other staff that was concerning to me and Sheran followed up immediately. I have also observed Sheran with her staff and residents and I see that she is also genuine with the care she provides. Hazel and Sheran work tirelessly as I never see them idle - they both have worked double shifts which can't be easy to do. I know that both ladies are doing their jobs, but I believe that they are both nurses in the most sincere and reliable way they can be. I feel confident knowing that Hazel and Sheran are working at Andrus, as I am certain my sister is getting the best care she can.


We are proud to have her on our team.

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