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Introducing the BlazePod – where innovation meets care

Andrus on Hudson is always seeking out the best innovations to better serve those we care for. We are thrilled to introduce the BlazePod and to describe some of its benefits. The BlazePod is an interactive training system that uses visual cues from touch-sensitive lights to improve reaction time, coordination, speed, and cognitive function. While originally designed for athletes, the versatile nature of BlazePod makes it suitable for a wide range of populations, including individuals receiving care in short-term or long-term care environments.

Our team of therapists is currently using the BlazePod’s Flash Reflex™ Training (FRX) methodology, which trains reactions to be as intuitive and fast as possible, improving reaction time, agility, decision-making, and much more by combining physical & cognitive training. The featured video shows a resident working on his balance during his therapy session. In this situation, the BlazePod was set up in patterns to encourage the resident to move and balance, thus improving his stability. There are many other ways the BlazePod is being used by our team. Some residents and patients need cognitive stimulation, while others recovering from strokes or other conditions benefit from the hand-eye coordination.

Our therapists are able to customize the system to track progress over time and use the data to tailor sessions to individual needs and monitor improvements. Safety is always a priority and the BlazePod can be adapted for seated or standing positions allowing individuals who have mobility challenges to also participate.

In conclusion, "while the BlazePod was not specifically designed for nursing homes, its adaptability and the benefits it offers in terms of cognitive and physical stimulation make it an innovative tool for care in our environment and we couldn't be more excited about this new product. By introducing modern devices to our therapy program, we continue to provide diverse, engaging, and effective therapy sessions," said Stuti Prajapati, Director of Rehabilitation.

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