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We need your help and support

As we navigate the ongoing pandemic and rising inflationary pressures, our employees have been on the frontlines, working tirelessly to care for our residents and patients.

Many of these healthcare workers, especially those working in non-profit nursing homes, have been struggling with the impact of inflation on their wages. Andrus on Hudson has been providing exceptional care and services to elders throughout Westchester County and beyond for over 70 years. However, with the rising cost of living and inflationary pressures the facility faces, AOH is facing a significant challenge and that is ensuring wage increases that our employees desperately need can be delivered but also ensuring that AOH receives funding support from New York State to combat significant inflationary pressures for expenses like energy and food. The Governor's budget request for supporting nursing homes is significantly below what is needed for many facilities to remain viable non-profit providers-- this is truly a crisis situation. To ensure that Andrus on Hudson can remain a vital community resource, we need your help to advocate for increased funding through Medicaid. We respectfully plead with family members and loved ones to contact their New York State Elected Representatives:

  • To find your NYS Senator:

  • To find your NYS Assembly Member:

Please urge them to support increased funding for Andrus on Hudson through Medicaid. This funding is essential to help our employees with wage increases and ensure that Andrus on Hudson can continue to provide high-quality care and services to the elderly in our community. We know that contacting your Assembly Members may seem like a small action, but it can have a significant impact on the lives of the healthcare workers at Andrus on Hudson. You can find your Assembly Members by visiting the New York State Senate and Assembly websites. In addition to helping the employees at Andrus on Hudson, advocating for increased Medicaid funding will help ensure that Andrus on Hudson will continue to provide essential services to the elderly in our communities. Thank you for your support and advocacy for Andrus on Hudson.

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